Thursday, July 5, 2007


I decided that I'd start the Tour with a lactate test to see where my fitness was at followed by the 1.5 miles Prologue TT.

Off to a BADDDD start. My lab test was pretty humbling - my peak power was lower by 35 watts than mid winter test and lactate levels higher! I am putting it down to a bad day as I didn't feel great from the start - again it was hot - 85 degrees inside - I have been riding really well in training, logging my longest and hardest rides in years so we'll see. However. I am going to use the data from the test to guide my zones and training throughout the Tour. I've learned in my years of coaching that the data rarely lies so I have to seriously consider that I've been riding too hard at altitude and eroded some of my base. Nothing like 3 weeks of daily riding to get a base back. Of course I'll look at the data daily and also do some lactate samples along the way to see if today was "off' or not.

Pre-tour weigh in had me at 162.8 lbs which is pretty light for me in recent times - I am hoping to be sub 157 pretty soon. The % fat reading said 10.7% which may be about right - anyway, I'll use the same scale again post tour to get a comparison and whether it's accurate or not, at least it will be consistent.

After the Lab test and recovery drink, i changed my wheels and rode over to Washington Park for the Prologue TT. Legs felt surprisingly good after the lab test so I was ready to hurt myself for the short TT. Wash park is a great course in South east of Denver and very close to my home - it is also closed to cars and on perfect smooth tarmac. The loop is 2 miles around 2 lakes and fields where people play volleyball, tennis, run and walk their hounds. It really is great. Only thing is that they have a 15mph speed limit and last year were handing out tickets to cyclists!! I figure that if I get a ticket for speeding then I'll class it as rent - not had one yet so I'm gonna continue to break the limit and see where it leads me - such a rebel!

I attacked the 1.6 mile point to point course I'd decided on - 3.58 mins - Av. 320 watts and 172 bpm and 25 mph - Started really well and held 28-29 mph early on. Pretty happy with this one especially with no aerobars and no aero helmet and not 100% fresh legs.

So that's Day 1 done and I am closer to Paris/ Denver than I was yesterday. Still a little surprised at my test result BUT gonna put it to shame in 3 weeks time when this madness is over!

(By the way, my new Coach Gareth clothing is by far the best clothing I've ever worn - made by Champ Sys - the fit and material is great - really top stuff and I'd recommend them to any team looking for custom clothes.)

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Cynthia said...

Yes, I was just thinking, "That Champ Sys clothing looks like it fits quite well!"
This will be a fun challenge for us to follow. From, uh, the comfort of our computer desks. :) Suffer on!