Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 6 ; Stage 5

What a day today in the real TDF - attacking riding, crazy crashes and action all the way. My big favorite andreas Kloden crashed and may be out with a broken tailbone though he did finish the day and lose no time so he's still in 2nd. Then big favorite alexander vinokourov crashed very badly yet still managed to ride with sheer class back to finish 1.20 down on the day - he may have lost some time BUT he showed his form and power as he passed and dropped everyone who faded on the last climb.

My day was much safer and limited to a brief spin bike session at TRIFIT - I spiced it up with some intervals & watched the tour at the same time so managed to make the time pass more quickly - I hate indoor riding. Tried out an aero helmet that I was given from the US postal team tour stock from a couple of years ago - it has no protection at all and is just an aero-shell so the only time I'll ever use it was indoors today - not sure I had it on the right way around though!!!

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