Monday, July 16, 2007

Day 9 : Stage 8

Logistics are getting to me. I simply don't have the time to drive 1 hr + to find a new ride then do 3 hrs and then drive 1 hr home. I am getting really bored with the same routes. When you ride 3 days a week the riding is great here but when its everyday and not over 40 miles it hard to get to new routes and hills. I may actually combine 2 days in to one soon to get a super long ride in. It's also really hot every day it seems - 97 degrees this morning at 9am when I left. Anyone who knows me knows that getting up earlier to ride is a crazy idea (I don't do mornings!!) - perhaps some night rides are a good idea. Anyway, enough of the moaning.......

Rode 34 miles today as hilly as I could get to riding from home which meant doing a few hill repeats on the one main hill I could find - legs were really lazy and limp at the start of the ride but once the climbs began and I'd stopped moaning to myself, the legs felt great. HR was for sure higher today than it should have been but that's the heat and at least the HR is coming up showing that I am not too fatigued. Pushed 250-300 watts on the climbs (5 mins x 3) and then rode strong tempo home.

So tomorrow I am hoping to have some company for a really hilly ride. On Wed and Thurs another cyclist friend has offered to ride with me - these are the easy flat stages - bloody chicken!!

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Anonymous said...

Well, if you need some peeps to ride with in LA, give me a call.