Monday, July 9, 2007

Day 3 : Stage 2 (pre-ride)

In theory today was supposed to be a relatively easy ride on fresh legs after an enforced 2 days off. However, when your 2 days "rest" ends up being a 2 day stag-fest for a friend who is getting married, then things change! 2 days of white water rafting, go karting, fancy dinners and excessive alcohol has left me somewhat worse for wear but as it's self inflicted I expect no sympathy.

Main issue is trying to catch up on hydration after consuming....... (fanfare)........ 5 vodka red bulls, 3 glasses red wine, 1 shot grappa, 4 shots of tequila!! I am drinking water and gatorade like it's going out of fashion! however, alcohol is carbohydrate so actually my energy is good and legs feel good right now - what will they be like on the bike.............

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