Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 10 : Stage 9 ; More Hills!

This was "the ride" of the Tour so far with 2 major climbs. I am getting used to the feeling now of starting a ride with tight legs and have them loosen up about 20 mins in. Legs were very good today. I rode the lookout mountain climb twice in close succession. The climb is 4.5 miles long and I hit it after 18 miles of warm-up riding. It was 100 degrees at the start so I did my usual "head soaking" to cool me off then started.

Climb #1: I took it as easy on the first climb trying to keep the heartrate sub 170 bpm : 29 mins 20 secs - average 212 watts - Hr did nip above 170 right near the end but that was expected

On the descent I was joined by a local pro rider and we basically raced down - I love doing this - my HR was 172 at points as we absolutely flew down the switchbacks - not for the faint hearted!!

Climb #2: Plan was to try to PR this one so I started aggressively but was soon hurting and at 10 mins in I was at 176 bpm and getting hotter by the second!! So I backed off some and really suffered my way up BUT at the top was 1 minute faster than the 1st climb - go figure??? av 214 w & 173 bpm but up in 28:40 - enjoyed the descent again but took it easy as Danielle was following and I didn't want to freak her out! This photo is from the top of the climb.

Total 2 hrs 30 mins & 37 miles.

So I am through the Alps (in style!!) and ready for 2 flat easy days.

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