Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The day before

Well my preparations got off to a lousy start with the worst night sleep I've had in ages - just could drop off until 1.30am then someone thought mowing their lawn at 6am on 4th July was a good idea! So pretty tired but an afternoon nap and day off training should help matters.

Worked on the bike checking everything is working 100%. SRM on charge and lube on the chain. Clothes all washed and ready. Drink bottles sterilized and drink mixes fully stocked.

I've asked Danielle to be my "support crew" for this so she'll be chief photographer and car driver - I read that Floyd Landis got through 67 bottles on his epic comeback ride in last years TDF and my aim is to beat that # - so she better get filling them now! Actually the science is strong that soaking your clothes and skin with cold water when you ride really helps in the heat allowing the heat to better escape from your body - I'm counting on this as the mercury rises again here - forecast 97 degrees for Prologue day and 96 degrees for Stage 1 - whoopie!

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