Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 12 : Stage 11

Another flat stage today plus cooler temperatures and RAIN!!!!! Hurrah!!!! never thought I'd wish for a cold day and rain on the bike but so grateful for some let up in the heat wave. In the early 70's at the start of the ride with some light rain and wet road/ paths all giving a nice cooling effect. In fact the drinks bottles I'd frozen overnight took an hour to defrost at all before I could drink from them.

Took just 1 hr 50 to cover the 35 miles at 18 mph average which given the stop lights and twisty course was very pleasing. Heartrate was super stable today helped by the cooler air but also I am noticing a slight drop in HR at certain power outputs plus (which is always a good sign for me) I am also seeing that the HR does not rise when I stand up and ride. The form is coming.

I am really surprised how great my legs are feeling - last night was a BADDDD nights sleep as my brain was really active until 2am and when I finally hauled myself out of bed at 9am I felt dreadful. But once on the bike the legs were great instantly. So that's 200 miles in the past 5 days straight with 4 more days of riding ahead before a rest day. Also heading for the hills tomorrow and a short but violent Time Trial on saturday followed by hills on Sunday and more hills on Monday.

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Fritz said...

To really emulate the TdF, you need to report on which performance enhancing drugs work the best in your different stages. (sorry...)